I believe in pulp-free creative, or as Dieter Rams stated it, "less but better."
Welcome to Liquid Gold Creative. I'm Ethan Goldberg, a passionate and dedicated creative leader, graphic designer, and certified project manager. I've worked in multiple industries, both as a freelancer and full-time, for over a decade.
Growing up, I was always drawing, playing and developing games on my family's Apple IIe computer, and dreaming up new comic strip characters. I was inspired by the beautiful artwork of old school computer games and the groundbreaking comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. While both forms of media had restrictions in what was visually possible, they were treated as serious art forms.
My love for sketching and drawing and my discovery of visual communications lead me to pursue a degree in studio art and art history. For me, it was a way of being a starving artist without the "starving" part, and I love what I do. In addition, through my studies in art history, I found influence in several different movements, especially Dada and Pop art. Through my professional experience over the years, my role has evolved from production design to problem solver and storyteller.
Currently, I work full-time as a Creative Director, guiding the strategy and development of creative solutions for several mid-to-large-sized brands within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device industries. As stated in the quote above, I believe in making the complicated simple, awesomely simple.
A refreshing blend of creative and not so creative skills developed from over a decade of professional experience:
Branding and Logo Design
Creative Direction, Ideation, and Strategy
Data Visualization
Medical Storytelling
Presentation Design
Print Design and Production
Project Management
Talent Management and Training
Typography and Color Theory
Vendor Management
UI/UX Design
If you'd like to get in touch or see additional samples of my work that fit your needs, then feel free to contact me at ethangoldberg@hotmail.com or through one of the links below.
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