Say hello to fresh-tasting, pulp-free creative
Welcome to Liquid Gold Creative. I'm Ethan Goldberg, a proven and hands-on creative leader, visual designer, and certified project manager. My work is inspired by the Dieter Rams school of thought, "less but better."
Ever since my first creative job as a design intern for the Maris, West & Baker agency, I've covered multiple industries, delivering on-brand, market-shaping creative work. Over the past 15 years, I've guided the strategy and development of creative solutions for many mid-to-large-sized brands within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device industries.
So, please do browse my creative portfolio showcased here. If you don't have the password, then simply connect with me at the link above or through my LinkedIn profile below. I'd like nothing more than to share my creative work, professional experiences, and maybe even collaborate, with you.
A refreshing blend of creative and not so creative skills developed from over 15 years of professional experience:
Art Direction
Budget Management
Creative Direction
Competitive Analysis
Data Visualization
Design Thinking
Email Design
Exhibit Design
Graphic Design
Identity/Logo Design
Medical Storytelling
Print Production 
Project Management
Team Leadership
Traffic Management
Video Editing
Web Design
UX/UI Design
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