How do we distill a large quantity of information into a format that’s engaging and persuasive to our audience?
A collection of motion and infographics developed over the years, illustrating the ability to dissect complex subject matter and sustain the audience's attention.

An introduction to the capabilities of Avant Healthcare's Meeting Planning Services. This motion graphic was an engaging alternative to the text-heavy, two-page sell sheet.

A multi-channel roadmap illustrating the buyer journey of a healthcare professional from awareness to adoption of a new treatment option. Depending on how it was used, this infographic was converted into several different formats: slide presentation, animation, detailer, and poster.

Wanting to diverge from the typical over-bulleted and linear tactical slide presentation, this is a one-page interactive pdf distilled down from a 40-page slide deck. Each tactic was given a distinctive name and memorable tagline so it stuck with the audience. This presentation was able to be viewed and analyzed fairly quickly while allowing the user to easily access the tactics they're most interested in.

When the user hovers the curser over an "i" button, information about the tactic pops up on screen.