How do we find a balance between attention-grabbing creative and credible data that will change audience behavior?

Enfamil Reguline Print Advertorial

Enfamil Reguline Banner Ads

Enfamil A.R. Print Advertorial

Enfamil A.R. Banner Ads

Mead Johnson is a leading manufacturer of infant formula with its flagship product Enfamil. Their line of tailored formulas is suited to help meet numerous nutritional needs; particularly Enfamil Reguline for stooling issues and Enfamil A.R. for excessive spit-up. The science was compelling and credible to the audience of pediatricians and pediatric nurses, but past ads were too heavy on the data and light on the creative, ultimately not grabbing their attention and persuading them to take action.
Two-page print advertorials, doubling as sales rep sell sheets, were developed. The first page drew in the audience with new bold creative campaigns and product benefits. The second page contained the science and data, adding validity to the products and effective in building the customers' trust.  Animated banner ads were also produced with the new campaigns, linking the user to the corresponding online product information page.
Enfamil Reguline Campaign Rationale:
This campaign counters the default position among pediatricians that stooling difficulties will resolve on their own over time. The focus was to spotlight Enfamil Reguline as the only formula option proven to ease stooling difficulty almost immediately. The baby poised in a starting position at a start/finish line conveys speed of efficacy and the ability to “go do #2,” inducing pediatricians to take immediate action with Reguline, benefitting the baby, parents, and the medical practice.
Enfamil A.R. Campaign Rationale:
Parents of formula-supplemented infants live in a perpetual state of dread while awaiting the clockwork reflux cycle. A baby’s continual spit-up dominates their lives, necessitating continuous clean-ups and laundry. This campaign features a humorous but relevant image incorporating an OSHA-style incident counter that communicates the anticipation involved with having a baby prone to GER. It also broadcasts to HCPs it’s a messy problem with a simple solution that doesn’t require medication.