How do we quickly communicate the benefits of our upgraded product line, encouraging our customers to learn more and achieve buy-in?

CoaguChek XS System Print Ad

CoaguChek XS System Drip Email and Banner Ads

The CoaguChek XS meter is a warfarin monitoring device from Roche Diagnostics that measures patients' international normalized ratio (INR) data, a laboratory measurement of how long it takes blood to form a clot. Healthcare professionals already place high confidence in the CoaguChek XS system, but practicing consistently effective anticoagulation management for patients still presents significant challenges with the healthcare professional's time and their patients' freedom from the clinic. Targeting HCPs currently using the CoaguChek XS system, Roche Diagnostics was looking to inform them that upgrading to CoaguChek XS Plus or CoaguChek XS Pro allows for bothmore time and more freedom. 
The "INRANGE? INREAL TIME. INREACH." campaign quickly communicates the benefit of upgrading to the new system. Patients remain in range both therapeutically and geographically, while healthcare professionals now can quickly and confidently manage their patients’ INR data in real time, anytime. HCPs get the accuracy, confidence, and speed that enhanced connectivity and expanded quality controls offer. Patients get the freedom to test and report results from anywhere while knowing their information is safe. 
Print and digital ads, banner ads, and a drip email campaign were developed to push existing customers to upgrade and inform potential customers of the benefits of patient self-testing. The campaign was so popular, Roche Diagnostics changed the name of the system to the CoaguChek INRange system.