How can we find what we're looking for quickly and easily, and even be inspired along the way?
IDEA Homepage
IDEA Homepage Filtered by Job Type
Within the project page, the user can view the deliverable they've selected plus supporting information and materials.
Has a project manager ever asked you to reference deliverables from 3 years ago, but you'd rather not bother IT and waste time digging through old, archived job folders? Have you spent more time finding and collecting samples for a business development presentation than actually working on the presentation? Are you curious about the innovative work other teams are doing that may help spark some new ideas?
IDEA, the Intuitive Database of Electronic Archives, is an application developed to combat these all too common scenarios. Produced for Avant Healthcare, IDEA, serves several purposes: (1) locating an old file quickly through thumbnails, search, and key filters, (2) onboarding for new hires to quickly get them up to speed on creative capabilities, and (3) inspiring creative ideas by showcasing samples from other accounts that the user may not be familiar with.
IDEA was built into Avant Healthcare's existing SharePoint infrastructure, keeping development costs to a minimum. And it's convenient for the end-user. When employees start their day and log into SharePoint, they automatically have access to the database.
Concept Board at the VENTURE Innovation Festival
IDEA was originally envisioned through Avant Healthcare's innovation festival, VENTURE. After winning the grand prize, IDEA was green-lighted, designed, developed, and launched within 4 months. Due to its popularity, IDEA won a second time, winning me the company's first Innovator of the Year award.