The Intuitive Database of Electronic Archives (IDEA) is a one-stop visual archival system that houses Avant Healthcare's vast collection of creative deliverables. It's built into the company's SharePoint infrastructure for convenience (when employees log into SharePoint, they automatically have access to IDEA) and cost effectiveness (an already existing digital platform within the company).
IDEA serves several purposes: (1) locate an old file quickly through key filters that include brand, deliverable type, and therapeutic area, (2) onboarding for new hires to quickly get them up to speed on our creative capabilities, and (3) creative inspiration through spotlighting what other accounts are doing.
IDEA Homepage
IDEA Homepage Filtered by Job Type
A project page where the user can view the deliverable they've selected plus additional information.
Concept Board at the VENTURE Innovation Festival
The "idea for IDEA" was originally formulated for Avant Healthcare's innovation festival, VENTURE. After winning 1 of 3 grand prize awards, I was tasked to take IDEA into development. I partnered with Carlie Engel at Aura IT Consulting, and 3 months later, IDEA was implemented. IDEA was such a success within the company that I won the first DWA Innovator of the Year award in 2015.
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