Eli Lilly, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, was seeking a way to share the personal challenges and experiences of a patient living with schizophrenia with global audiences. Their goal was to increase awareness and understanding of schizophrenia through an educational effort for corporate employees.
Bryan Charnley, a British painter living with schizophrenia, decided to slowly reduce his medications and document his experience, both through journal entries and his artwork, until the point of his suicide. Bryan’s twin brother, Terence, manages a Web site ( in his brother’s memory, and some of Bryan’s work are currently on display with the UK-based advocacy group, SANE. 
In consulting with the client, we discussed the opportunity to leverage the story of Bryan Charnley through a documentary film. We reached out to Terence Charnley, and held initial discussions about the goal and purpose of the effort, reinforcing throughout that this was purely for educational purposes and not to promote or advertise any product or specific treatment.
Trailer for Schizophrenia Unleashed: An Artist's Journey
In addition, the series of paintings, along with Bryan Charnley's corresponding journal entries, were reproduced and displayed outside of the auditorium for viewing before and after the film, later moved to high-traffic areas of the corporate center, and also shipped to Orlando for use at Eli Lilly's global summit.
Hundreds of Eli Lilly employees at the global summit viewed the documentary film and art gallery. Ultimately, the prints went on display for Eli Lilly's chairman and his board. Schizophrenia Unleashed was honored by Eli Lilly with a Lilly Marketing Excel Award recognizing outstanding achievement in patient understanding.
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